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> My name is Rico Zhu, Student Researcher @ Duke CS
About Me

> Hello! My name is Rico Zhu, and I am a current rising junior double majoring in Computer Science and Math at Duke University. My research interests lie in geometric and topological deep learning.

> My background includes research work with the University of Toronto, Duke University, and CERN, and I am currently looking for internship opportunities (of all kinds) for the 2024 summer term. I would love to connect, here is my LinkedIn!


Interpretable Machine Learning

A hierarchical, scaffolded algorithmic composition approach using a probabilistic context-free grammar inspired by music theory. Achieves state-of-the-art results with much improved interpretability.

Publication at KDD 2023


ML in HEP Research

Optimization of the PFlow particle collision event reconstruction algorithm by modeling CERN's Large Hadron Collider sensors as a graph and then applying a graph neural network classifier.

Gitlab Documentation Page


AI Accelerator Hardware

Designed and implemented RNNs and Neural ODEs to run on a simulator for experimental AI hardware (memristor crossbars) to investigate potential performance enhancement. Models developed using Pytorch.