Hello World!
> My name is Rico Zhu, Student Researcher @ Duke CS
About Me

> Hello! My name is Rico Zhu, and I love everything CS related! I have worked with lots of industry tools, especially those in ML.

> My background includes research work with the University of Toronto, Duke University, and CERN, and I am currently looking for research related positions. I would love to connect, here is my LinkedIn!


University of Toronto

Applied memristor crossbars to enhance neural network performance (specifically RNNs and Neural ODEs). Models built using Pytorch.



ML-based Writing Assistant

2nd place at MIT Blueprint 2020. Built using a custom NLP model, Firebase and Google Cloud Platform APIs. Web app with a python backend.

Devpost Github


Custom ML framework for Java

A machine learning library built in Java. Supports (very) primative neural networks. Built using Object-Oriented Programming principles.